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Convocation 2024 Registration

18011 Bass Pro Drive - Independence, MO
August 24, 2024

You must hear the Spirit's Word through His servant,

Ed Watts, MNL's 2024 Convocation Keynote Speaker!

When the Spirit released Ed from his pastoral ministry He endowed him with a powerful prophetic anointing, visions, and an urgent message for the Church.

Through Ed’s ministry, the Spirit calls believers to awaken out of our languid state of apathy, to embrace a broken and contrite heart for repentance that gives birth to a fresh zeal for our Father's Name and Kingdom, making ready a people for His Appearing!

Marilyn Griffin • Founder MNL

From infancy, Marilyn’s mother taught her Scripture. It prepared her heart for an early childhood encounter, in Jewish terms, an Acharit Hayamim (End of Days) experience. At age 17, the Spirit issued an undisclosed Call. Twenty-two years later He quickened that dormant Call. The Spirit’s zeal birthed intense personal and corporate prayer with fasting. After five years Ministries of New Life went public on May 2, 1984. The Spirit orchestrated each MNL milestone. On May 7, 1987, He assembled pastors for the first Citywide Prayer Movement gathering. Alongside the CPM He commissioned MNL to lead twenty citywide repentance services impacting the spiritual landscape of Kansas City and beyond.