2016 TESHUVAH PRAYER GUIDE download instructions

We at Ministries of New Life hope that your prayers are lifted up in unison with thousands of others praying worldwide.  Please encourage everyone you know to enter into these intercessions & repentances.  We invite you to post this information on your social media and especially approach your Congregation to set aside this time period (Sat. Sept. 3 thru Wed. Oct 12, 2016) to pray corporately.  Never before has this need been greater to unify our voices.

*** Please note that we have no more physical copies of the Prayer Guide!  We invite you to download a copy to your computer ***

Complete the Reformation ~ Restoring The Torah  

Prayer days: Sept. 3 - Oct. 12, 2016



If you appreciate the ability to print out the Teshuvah Prayer guide, and the access we offer around the world, please consider a donation!

Printing Instructions:

This year's Prayer Guide is split into 3 files.  Each 2pg spread fits on normal letter size paper.  You will want to select "Landscape" setting on your printer.

For International printing it may be useful to select "scale to page" to insure good centering.  In the first section of *Articles and teachings there are many color pages and it will load slowly, but print accurately. 

If you plan on READING ONLINE then choose the "smaller reading version", which is 13mg.  It will print reasonably well, but the colors will not be true.

The 40 Days of Prayer Section is one color and will print easily in b/w.  All files will load slowly.  The layout is scaled to be compatible with an International paper size (where we feel the most amount of download printing requests will come from).  *Please note that the 40 Days of Prayer section often refers the reader to an Article in the first section of the book.

If your home printer is capable of printing front & back sides, you can set it to "duplex" and only have half the amount of pages.  It may be printed in color or b/w if you choose that setting on your printer.

Suggestions for coordinating handouts for group use.

If multiple copies are needed for a prayer group or church, simply download the file, place it on a thumbdrive device, and bring it to a local print shop for easy front/back duplex printing.  Even the front section Articles, will print well in b/w, and this is much more affordable!

We highly encourage you to sign up on our website if you would like to be a part of our mailing list.  This will ensure that you receive newsletters when they are published and your own Teshuvah Prayer Guide next year (within the US).  Almost 3800 books went out in an early August mailing, free of charge.  If you feel the work of MNL is a value to people around the world who can access this Guide, we encourage you to consider a donation to help us continue our work, as we increase our distribution & outreach each year!

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