17MNLTeshuvah_Logo_small.pngThe Convocation prepares our hearts
for the 40 days of Teshuvah Prayer!
 Thursday, August 10 
(registration begins 6pm)
Friday, August 11 
9am-4:30pm and 6-9pm
Sabbath, August 12 
Location: Colonial Presbyterian Church   9500 Wornall Rd. KC, MO 64114


Focus of Teaching Topics:

• Restoring Your Identity, Psalm 139
• Identification Repentance to Cleanse Generational Bloodlines
• The Protocol of the Kingdom
• Engaging the Courts of Heaven (Precedes the Battlefield)
• The Power of Teshuvah
• Skewed in Translation, Torah versus Law
• The Touchstone of the Deuteronomy 18:15-18 Prophecy
• The Seven Festivals, Our Father’s Prophetic Timeline
• Sermon on the Mount; Kingdom Destiny and Rank
• The Inescapable Message of Revelation 2:4-5

* * *
The Convocation is a time set aside for deep study, fellowship, prayer, worship and preparation for the 40 days of Teshuvah Prayer which begin August 22.  It is our hope that the Prayer Guide continues to be an helpful resource tool for study groups and individuals to target prayers of repentance and marshal the power of unified Hope.  These are exciting times for Messiah’s Kingdom preparation work!


2017 Restoring HIS Ancient Foundations folder  (Presenter handouts, Powerpoint notes, and other teaching materials)

• 1 copy 2017 Teshuvah Prayer Guide (if not received in the mail). 180+ pgs

• Morning coffee & lunch Friday & Saturday

(per person)

$60.00 - June 28 – July 20
$75.00 - July 21 – Aug 1
$90.00 - Aug 2 – Aug 10





Natasha Grbich

The Spirit brings Natasha Grbich, head of The House of Ariel Gate, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  For 22 years she served as South Africa’s Representative of the End Time Handmaidens And Servants Inc.  Natasha is author of three life-changing books teaching believers strategic insights to secure spiritual victory and fulfill divine destiny, Ps 139; Lev 26:40.  She is an anointed teacher leading believers to take responsibility for cleansing generational iniquities that have allowed for personal and family strongholds, Rev 12:11.  Natasha’s prophetic gifting releases revelatory insights identifying new touchstones in prayer.  These insights enable believers to understand the legal processes required to secure a verdict in the Courts of Heaven that renders victory on the battlefield, I Jn 1:5-10; Isa 43:25-26.  We believe the Spirit will use Natasha’s prayers and teachings to assist attendees to realize long-awaited spiritual breakthroughs in our personal lives, families and ministries.  Dan 10:2,12; Zech 3:1-5





Marilyn Lake Griffin

MNL’s primary call to the Body/Ekklesia is to make ready for the Lord a people prepared for Yeshua/Jesus’ return, Lk 1:17.  The Spirit led Marilyn to gather spiritual leaders of Kansas City for the first citywide National Day of Prayer May 7, 1987.  From that gathering, the Citywide Prayer Movement was birthed, which Marilyn led for 8 years before turning it to Pastors.  The Spirit brought Juliette Thomas from India to deliver His Rev 2:4 Correction on 9.11.1992.  MNL has led multiple citywide Repentance Services for: sins against African Americans, Native Americans, lack of unity and purity within the Body, offenses between ethnic groups and denominations, sins of the City Fathers enthroning Pallas Athena as Patron Goddess of K.C., centuries-long atrocities committed by the Church against the Jewish people.  Our Father absolved our sins through personal confession, repentance and retribution.  Lev 26:40-42; Rev 1:5-6

You shall know the truth and the Truth will set you free.  Jn 8:32

Yeshua/Jesus encountered Marilyn Oct 27, 2014 with a life-changing rebuke.  He illuminated Mt 5:17-19; Col 2:16-17; Ex 20:1-17.  As she yielded, He removed scales from her eyes, Acts 9:18; her encrusted heart from years of traditional teachings of man became penetrable to receive the clearly written Biblical Text.

Focus of Marilyn’s messages:

1) Teshuvah/Repentance prepares believers for Yeshua/Jesus Return.

2) Our Father’s Torah Teachings (not LAW), the essence of Moses’ Message and Yeshua’s Life.  Mt 5:17-19; 7:23

 * * *

Recommended Lodging


Courtyard Marriott  11001 Woodson Ave, Overland Park, KS  66211

For our out-of-town guests, please note that a limited number of rooms are reserved at a special rate of $89 and $99 until July 20.  Please identify yourself as part of the MNL room block.  Ph: (800) 321-2211 

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