The Convocation prepares our hearts for the 40 days of Teshuvah Prayer! 

(Aug 10, 11, 12) 


DVD or CD boxed sets available.  Click here for Resource page

 2016 Ministries of New Life Convocation - Complete the Reformation- Restore The Torah

Kansas City Convocation 2016 Featuring Dr. Michael Lake, Dr. William Morford, Marilyn Lake Griffin

Thursday, August 25   7-9pm (registration begins 6pm)
Friday, August 26  9am-3pm /6-9pm
Saturday, August 27  9am-3pm
Location: Colonial Presbyterian Church • 9500 Wornall Rd. KC, MO 64114
$60.00 - July 15 – July 31
$70.00 - Aug 1 – Aug 14
$80.00 - Aug 15 – Aug 19
$90.00 - Aug 20 – Aug 25


2016 Complete the Reformation Folder  (Presenter handouts, Powerpoint notes, and 60min Teshuvah DVD)

• 1 copy 2016 Teshuvah Prayer Guide, if it did not come in the mail. (182 pgs)
• Coffee breaks & lunch Friday & Saturday





Dr. Michael K. Lake

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary in Marshfield, MO.  He and his wife Mary co-host the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing, a weekly podcast alerting the End Times Remnant of key teachings, prophecies and strategies to overcome the kingdom of darkness.  Dr. Lake is host of Biblical Life TV.  He is the author of The Shinar Directive and is soon to release its sequel, The Sheeriyth Imperative. Sheeriyth is Hebrew for remnant.  Dr. Lake is seen on SkyWatch TV with host Tom Horn and Derek Gilbert and heard on radio talk shows.



Rev. William (Bill) Morford

Biblical scholar, Rev. Morford, studied Greek up to six hours daily.  Supernatural events led him to study the Hebrew language and customs under Israeli Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, grandson of the famous lexicographer Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, known for making Hebrew the national language of Israel.  Rev. Morford’s knowledge of Greek and Hebrew prepared him to answer the Spirit’s call to translate the One New Man Bible published in 2011, helping readers understand the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith, exposing errors and prejudices of previous translations and explaining formerly misunderstood passages which seemed contradictory.



Marilyn Lake Griffin

Marilyn directs Ministries of New Life.  In 1987 the Spirit led her to gather spiritual leaders in the Kansas City metropolitan area for prayer and spiritual renewal that birthed the Citywide Prayer Movement.  In 1995, Marilyn gave the CPM to Pastors.  Under her leadership MNL has hosted over twenty Citywide Repentance meetings, numerous conferences and prayer gatherings.  The 2016 Teshuvah, Complete the Reformation, marks MNL’s twelfth 40-day Call to Repentance.  Marilyn has written and published ten Teshuvah Prayer Guides distributed annually to more than 4,000 believers.


• Teshuvah Prepares Us For Messiah’s Return

• A Josiah’s Reformation in Our Day

• Necessary Steps to Fulfill Your Destiny 

• The Crucial Error of Mistranslating Torah as Law

• Does the N.T. Support The Torah Was Fulfilled?

• Restoring Torah’s Biblical Perspective

• Jesus, the Kingdom, the Commandments

• John, the Commandments and the Last Days

 * * *


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