2015 Discerning the Times Convocation

Marilyn Lake Griffin


The Convocation was a power packed journey through many significant subjects!  Two and a half days of teachings are presented in these sets.  Those who attended received a folder of the PowerPoint notes as presented in each of the teaching sessions (see side bar for link to Packet Notes.  Be blessed to study deeply on these topics. Ministries of New Life presents the 2015 Convocation - Discerning the Times 

2015 Convocation - Discerning the Times

available in CD Audio or DVD Video format. (to purchase click on picture above)

Main Sessions

(Album: set of 9 discs) suggested donation: CD audio $40 or DVD video $60

1  Knowing Our Father’s Hebraic Ways
2  The Eight Covenants
3  Knowing Our Father’s Hebraic Calendar
4  Knowing Our Father’s Festivals
5  Defining Israel
6  Israel & the Church
7  End Times, Israel, Church & Nations
8  Three Keys Unlock The Book of Revelation
9  Touchstones of Truth

Messages to the Revelation Churches

(Album: set of 7 discs) suggested donation: CD audio $28 or DVD video $38

1  Sudden Encounters
2  Ephesus & Smyrna
3  Pergamum
4  Thyatira
5  Sardis
6  Philadelphia
7  Laodicea

Entire Convocation  CD Audio Album set - 16 Lessons
suggested donation $62

Entire Convocation  DVD Video Album set - 16 Lessons
suggested donation $92


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