Covenant and Controversy Part One: The Great Rage

Please watch this amazing documentary!  It is the first of a 5-part series, examining all aspects of history, ideologies, anti-Semetism, and relationships with Israel.  It is a production by Frontier Alliance International - Director: Dalton Thomas.  Executive Producers: Stephanie Quick, Michael Reynolds, Chris Goodnough, Joel Richardson, and Dalton Thomas.  

Exodus 4:22 - Bridge of Love James Schafer's film for Ministries of New Life.

In 2007 Marilyn Lake Griffin and Filmmaker James Schafer journeyed with gifts of love from the Ministries of New Life in the heart of America - Kansas City, to the Heart of Israel - Jerusalem.  There they blessed Holocaust Survivors with these gifts and with tears of repentance from the Christian community.  Please take a moment to watch and share this film.  Let your life be touched with the Revelation 2:4 imperative: today's gentile Church has left their first love, the Torah Teachings of our Father YHVH! 

The Land of


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